Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Store Spotlight and Special Offer @ Monkeys Over The Moon

Monkeys Over The Moon May 2My life filled with travel, love and 3 little monkeys has been a roller coaster ride which makes me smile. Monkeys Over The Moon is my answer to never quite knowing what I wanted to do when I grew up; and came from a desire to create funky and unique designs for my children to wear which made them over the moon.

My appliqué (as I have heard described) is unique, original, different, bright, funky, beautiful and one of a kind.

There is a lot happening behind the scenes, including collaboration with other Perth designers. We are launching a new line “Funk your Monkey”, featuring screen printed art on t-shirts.

Special Offer: As a launch special, Australian standard shipping has been fixed at $3 and overseas at $5.50 until the end of May.

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  1. Oh I love the Funky Fish ;) Can't link to the facebook page though xx


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