Sunday, May 1, 2011

Product Review @ tumblemonkey handmade

Tumblemonkey Handmade for SHAHave you ever seen something and thought "I must make that mine" ... in all fairness I probably have those thoughts far too often but only recently one of my "must have" moments was definitely warranted.

There is a business found in the realms of Facebook called Tumblemonkey Handmade. Its’ speciality is felt, and practically anything you put to Cath (The Feltress herself) can be created.

I am always on the look out for unique handmade items that can not only offer an aesthetic value but that also offers quality tactile play for my children. Tumblemonkey Handmade has this all stitched up.

In our possession of playables are four emergency vehicles (with drivers), an owl and a set of ducks. On the want list is a "Phoebe" doll, owl rattle and some toys for the cats (oh yes she indulges our four legged friends as well). In addition to the most gorgeous of toys is a beautiful garland that decorates my daughters wall; and we have also invested in Cath’s signature range of dryer balls.

“Balls?” you say. Oh Yes, I say “balls”. Cath hand makes the most fabulous felted balls that are designed to go in with your wet washing to reduce drying time. The necessity of a dryer through the cooler months plays havoc with my electricity bill not to mention the impact on the environment. My investment in two sets has reduced my negative contribution to both by at least 50%.

I encourage you to pop by and say Hi to the lovely Cath. Not only does she offer the most gorgeous of products (be prepared to get lost in her albums) and exceptional customer service but she has the most brilliant sense of humour and offers a great little community for those like me .... those that have admitted their addiction ... "My name is Angela, and I am addicted to Tumblemonkey Handmade".

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Review written by: Angela of Yes, Dear

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