Monday, May 9, 2011

Product Review @ My Poppet

My Poppet finalThere are times when you ‘meet’ an online business owner and you are floored. Floored by their presentation; floored by their customer service; floored by their passion for what they do and then on top of all of that, you are floored by their amazing ability to create.

Cinti of My Poppet is one of those rare woman that encompasses all of the above.

I was introduced to My Poppet when I myself was in business here in the online world (which seems like a lifetime ago) by my then business partner. The link to My Poppet was sent to me with a note that went a little something like "You have to see this business ... you are going to fall in love" and that is exactly what happened.

Before becoming a customer of Cinti's I was one of her blog followers. What really resonated with me was her ability to share. Within her blog she shares detailed tutorials, thrift finds and even insights in better ways to set yourself up in the world of blogging. And does so in an extremely selfless, engaging and fun way.

Buying from Cinti was never an "if" it was always a matter of "when".

Two hot water bottle covers were my recent purchase from My Poppet. These are handmade by Cinti and done so with quality craftsmanship. Up-cycled into their current use from gorgeous old woollen blankets and I am a whole lot in love with them. Cinti has a bevvy of up-cycled and handmade goodness in her bigcartel store; skirts, buntings, owls and the list goes on. But it doesn't stop at handmade ...

Anyone here love vintage thrift (or Flea Market Finds as Cinti calls them)? I do! I invite you to get lost in the world that is My Poppet.

Review written by: Angela of Yes, Dear

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  1. Oh wow, I've gone all blushy, it's really the nicest anyone has said about My Poppet. I could give you a kiss Angela.
    Thank you thank you
    x cinti


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