Monday, May 30, 2011

Product Review @ Liselle's self-indulgent artsy-fartsiness

LiselleNow, as I write this I have to be careful that I do not deviate too far away from my role as reviewer and get emotional. “Emotional? Is this woman mad?” you ask. Maybe! But my purchases from Liselle {of Liselle's self-indulgent artsy-fartsiness} have been the most emotional purchases I have ever made … bar none!

When I ‘met’ Liselle it was after stumbling across her artwork on Facebook and falling in love with a piece titled ‘Caged’. This piece felt as if it was created with me in mind. It touched my soul and I had to make her mine. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the original and she is my daily companion and takes pride of place on my desk.

Because of how unique her work is, and how much I gravitated towards it, I also commissioned Liselle to draw my family. To give me four individual pieces of art that immortalised our individuality and our spirit. What she presented me with were four images that were beyond any expectation I could ever have had. They are one of our most important belongings and they are priceless.

Liselle has this ability to hear your request and then reach within it to discover what it is you NEED. Her pieces are heartfelt and beautiful. They have healed many people for many different reasons. Hers are pieces that are so easy to get lost in and I do so daily.

Not only an artist, this woman is an absolute Lady. She is humble and a little shy. She is talented but not aware of how much so. If you are lucky enough to have a piece of Liselle’s work (or even more so to have a piece commissioned), make sure it bares her signature …. I have no doubt Liselle is going places and I for one will be able to say “I knew her when …”.

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Review written by: Angela of Yes, Dear


  1. oh miss angela, thank you! .. many a time have your words threatened to make me cry... finally have reduced me to *sniff* lip-quivering, nose-dribbling mess with your kindness. ♥ xx

  2. I have the pleasure of owning a couple of Liselle's treasures... Exquisite art. Angela, your review is from the heart and so perfectly true.

  3. yes! Liselle is not only a fantastic artist but lovely to boot. Keep up the good work L.


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