Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Shopping Guide

I hope you are recovering from over indulging over the Easter Break. We had one of our first Easters with sunshine in quite a while. Lucky Easter was early this year as the weather has turned inclement this week. Today's shopping guide is cloudy with a chance of ....

1. Go Gin Gin
2. Hello Hudson

3. Evie The Elephant
4. Bubby Makes Three

5. 1000 Pretty Things
6. Epheriell

7. King Billy
8. Berlin Roses

1. Go Gin Gin Large Cumulus Cloud Necklace $135.00
2. Hello Hudson Sheet of White Vinyl Clouds $6.00 
3. Evie theElephant Confetti Clouds Invitations $25.00 
4. Bubby MakesThree Rain Cloud Baby Bodysuit $24.00 
5. 1000 PrettyThings Cloud Mobile $25.00
6. Epheriell Clouds Urban Eco Earrings $38.00
7. King Billy Cloud Shorts from from $25
8. Berlin Roses Cloud in a jar Ring $29.00 

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