Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Review @ m2matiz

m2MatizIsn’t the name Mariana just beautiful. It rolls off the tongue and has me visualising European landscapes and theatrical people using their hands to punctuate their sentences.

Mariana is the woman behind a fantastic business called m2matiz. I don’t know her and nor can I claim her heritage to be European like my fantasy world above would dictate…. BUT I can tell you she has old fashioned manners stitched up as beautifully as she does the high standard of product that she creates. The way she welcomes every fan individually to her Facebook fan page is testament to such.

m2matiz is, by their own description, a graphic art and design studio. The beautiful imagery that is created by these artistic minds is then presented in stunning notebooks, cards, tags and a range of unique lighting products that have me finding myself lost in their beauty.

I was unbelievably honoured to be gifted a t.lighthaus© by the designer herself. This is a beautiful original product that takes ambience to the very next level. A beautiful image on a translucent textile, brought to life by the flicker of a tea light candle. The result is breathtaking.

Here is someone taking their art to the next level. Incorporating light to breathe brilliance into d├ęcor, design and service delivery. Taking imagery and making it tangible and accessible to everyone.

I love everything about m2matiz; the service… the product… the vision… the passion… the commitment to quality, as well as a commitment to reducing their carbon footprint.

This is a truly beautiful business; one I am very happy to have discovered.

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Review written by: Angela of Yes, Dear

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