Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Review @ 2PM at The Button Factory

2PM AT THE BUTTON FACTORY picSomething ever evolving for me, is my style in earrings. I love to change them daily and will change them from a simple diamond stud, to an eclectic mix of styles on the same day! This is sometimes dictated by my wardrobe; but more often than not, by my mood!

It is hard to find reasonably priced earrings made with quality materials (to protect my sensitive ears) that also have a unique style. I have looked high and low for a one-stop-shop, and I am extremely happy to say that I have found it. And even better it is local to Tasmania.

Now I knew this business was going to be impressive before I even laid eyes on it’s stock; with a name as out of the box as this, and an eye catching logo as it does… the designer had to have style all stitched up! I was right, she does!

If you are not already an admirer, then I take great pride in introducing you to 2pm at the Button Factory and its creator Amanda. Now if you, like me, have a passion for unique, handcrafted, beautiful goodness, then this is the business for you. Not only can you get lost in the catalogue of wonderful earring designs BUT you can also enjoy the hair accessories that are also made with a loving, talented hand.

Amanda was extremely accommodating with my order, allowing me to mix and match some of the earrings and producing them in a very short time. The only thing I’ve had issues with since purchasing my collection of 2pm earrings… sharing them with my daughter! To compromise I have promised that she can choose her own collection for Christmas!

With their current Sale Album all stocked up and selling beautiful earring designs at just $8 per pair, I think I will be stocking for Christmas NOW!


Review written by: Angela of Yes, Dear

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