Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review @ Little Miss Vintage

Little Miss VintageI love to see a designer breathe life into something that has been deemed redundant. To take a piece of fabric that is old and has seen a lifetime of use for one purpose, and reinvent it into another, is a real talent.

There are couple of designers that I love that do this extremely well but Little Miss Vintage really has a passion for her art. For me, she took a design she had originally created for a two year old and recreated it for my seven year old daughter. The vintage floral tiers on the dress are to die for! The versatility of this particular piece is genius! With the ability to layer through the colder seasons my little girl has a piece that will see her through both warm and cold days and it evolving into a shorter design as she grows. To have an item of clothing that will last for years is absolute brilliance when our children are growing faster than our wallets can keep up with.

To invest in a handmade piece that is made with love, created with a talented seamstress hand and in fabrics that have a history that can not be recreated with modern textiles... priceless! When buying from Little Miss Vintage it is an investment in all of the above. Sue is an absolute pleasure to deal with. Her friendly demeanour, engaging personality and a caring about her customer are all attributes that will be difficult for many to rival at the level that she takes them to.

If you are looking to invest in quality up-cycled fabrics in beautiful designs don’t look past this business. Sue is an untapped talent that is destined for very big things!


Review written by: Angela of Yes, Dear

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