Thursday, July 28, 2011

Charity Auction Event @ Collaborate for a Cause

Collaborate for a Cause logoFriday 29th July 8pm EST to Sunday 31st July 8pm EST

The Collaborate for a Cause auction is getting under-way tomorrow!

Bringing together some of the most prominent, talented and high-profile Australian crafters, who have grouped together in 2’s, 3’s, 4’s and more to offer coordinated, one off and unique handmade packages, to be auctioned off for the charity their of choice.

Designed to promote friendship, understanding & fun through the Facebook handmade community whilst supporting many charities, this wonderful concept is certainly well on the way to meeting its’ aims. Fittingly, the auction occurs during the weekend of 30 July; the day nominated by the UN as International Friendship Day.

Some of the charities set to benefit from this auction include large charities like SIDS and Kids, The Leukaemia Foundation, Royal Flying Doctors Service, Starlight Children's Foundation and The McGrath Foundation; and smaller charities such as Mummy’s Wish, Victorian Rescue Dogs, Mums Like Me, and Backpacks for Aussie Kids; and many, many more.

The concept has been put together and run by Jen of Ainslee FOX Handmade. Jen has a high hopes for her project; tapping into the already well known general ‘niceness’ and compassion of the Aussie handmade community, for the benefit of deserving charities.

The auction is being hosted on Facebook, with payment arrangements to be made with the donating businesses who have "Authority to Fundraise" letters from their chosen charities.

Please visit and join the Collaborate for a Cause Facebook page now. Have a look through the Auction Album and get ready place your bids tomorrow.

Show your support for handmade and give to charity and gain yourself some quality and unique handmade items, the likes of which won’t be available again. A WIN/WIN for all.


Here is just a taste of what you will find…

Collaborate for a Cause 3 500X

Collaborate for a Cause 6 500X

Collaborate for a Cause 5 500 X

Collaborate for a Cause 2 500X

Collaborate for a Cause 4

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