Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Review @ You Make Me… Me

You Make Me MeI made a promise to my Grandfather that I would go to at least one of the Rugby World Cup games with him in New Zealand later this year. Unfortunately circumstances have forced me to renege on that promise …. And it breaks my heart.

I wanted to be able to say sorry in a way that at the very least made him smile. And I found the perfect way in a sock. Well not in a sock exactly but in a monkey made from socks!

After stumbling across Sue (the wonderful lady responsible for the You Make Me … Me creations) and browsing through her Facebook albums I knew I had to put in an order. She took my ‘out of left field’ custom request and came up with a little guy named Jonah. Jonah is a handsome little devil that is crafted beautifully and with a real love that is obvious in his design and quality craftsmanship.

Thanks to Sue, and her willingness to accommodate my request, my Grandfather now has a mascot to help him cheer on the All Blacks. And bonus … Jonah won’t cost him a seat, a hotdog, merchandise or a top shelf tipple BUT every time Pop packs him in his kit for the game he will know I am thinking of him and wishing I was there.

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Review written by: Angela of Yes, Dear

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