Monday, June 20, 2011

Review @ Oopsidaisi

OopsidaisiAs I sit down to write this review it is purely out of an admiration for this designer… her creations, her custom and her person, which is one that stands at a very admirable level amongst the handmade community.

Oopsidaisi, and the designer Sam, really do not need any introduction; but for those who are yet to be privileged enough to take ownership of a piece of Oopsidaisi goodness, let me give you an idea of the quality.

Visually the presentation of these designs pre- purchase is gorgeous. The hype in anticipation of your parcels arrival is already at an all time high… then it arrives…. you open it…. and every expectation you had dissipates as what you see before you is of a higher quality than you ever could have imagined. From the quality of the fabric, to the originality of the design and the appreciation of detail displayed in the labelling, you know that what you are holding is made with a real passion for quality and tailored experience. Nothing compares to that of an Oopsidaisi piece of clothing. Sam’s designs are original, timeless and quite simply stunning.

This designer has been in business longer than I have been a customer of handmade and her experience has seen her out live many a trend and fad. Oopsidaisi will continue to stand strong through many more seasons and many more range releases. And the reason? Because of the woman that stays true to her convictions and the reason that she does what she does. She does not create for kudos nor for accolades. In her words…

“I'm just making things from the heart... things that make me happy... and hopefully make some of you happy too! ♥”

I assure you, as an Oopsidaisi customer I am VERY happy!!

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Review written by: Angela of Yes, Dear

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  1. Yes indeed! She is a treasure in our community and deserves every ounce of the recognition you have so kindly given her, Angela. You write beautifully and with heart.


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