Thursday, March 28, 2013

Shopping Guide

I don't know about you, but my 2 little ones ask every day how many sleeps there is until the Easter Bunny comes. I love this age where they get excited about the little things. I hope you have a great Easter. Here are some Easter inspired goodies to kick off the long weekend.

1. Billy & Scarlet
2. Red Punch Buggy

3. Little Lambs
4. I made this for you

5. Bead Inspired Adelaide
6. Kasiabear Designs

1. Billy & Scarlet Easter Decor or Nursery Print $20.00
2. Red Punch Buggy Good Egg Clay Tags $15.00
3. Little Lambs Easter Lamb Tshirt and Joggers Set $30.00
4. I made this for you Kawaii Pink Easter Bunny $65.00
5. Bead Inspired Adelaide Easter Jade Swarovski Necklace $16.00
6. Kasiabear Designs Easter Bunny Boys Tshirt $25.00

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