Friday, March 1, 2013

DIY Paint Swatch Art

This week I got the chance to get a bit crafty and make this paint swatch kids art for a friend. It's so effective and so affordable as you just need a frame and some glue really. You could even reuse a frame you already have or pick one up from a discount or thrift store for a few dollars.

What you'll need:
Paint swatches 
Picture frame that has a matt board
Hole punch
Scissors (optional for letter)

How to:
1. Get your paint swatches from a paint store or hardware store. You can use different shades of the same colour or use a few different colours depending on what look you are going for. I wanted to use different shades of the same colour.

2. Get your hole punch and start cutting out the circles. You can pick these up from most craft stores for about $20 - $25. I used a 1.5inch hole punch for this frame that I already had.

3. Once you have most of your circles cut out start laying them on a piece of paper or on the insert you get with your picture frame. You can use the back of it as we will be covering it all anyway so you won't see it. Overlap them as shown. Once you are happy with your pattern start pasting them down. I like to use permanent glue tape as its quick and easy but any glue you have is fine.

4. Once you have covered the entire area (visible area) put the matt board over the top and put the frame back together. If you would like to include a letter or word like I have. Simply cut out a letter. You can print or hand draw the letter and cut it out and stick to the paint swatch circles. And that's it. It's simple, effective and I love it. I see a couple more of these being made here at SCH HQ!

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