Thursday, October 6, 2011

Treasure Hunting @ SCH

Orange Fandango
A spot of window shopping on a gloomy day always lifts my spirit. Here are my picks to brighten up your day. I especially like the last one. He He. Enjoy!

1. Kikay Designs
2. Hannah Banannas

3. Rabbit and Me
4. Muele and Jones

5. 3 Girls and a Goat
6. Here we go Loopy Lou

7. Hello Penny
8. Rachelle Rachelle

1. Kikay Designs 50s Inspired Hobo Bag - Orange Flowers
2. Hannah Banannas Orange Tribal Print Skirt
3. Rabbit and Me Orange Split Fabric Earrings
4. Muelu and Jones 100% Linen Hand Screen Printed Tea Towel
5. 3 Girls + a goat 6 Gift Tags Orange ECO
6. Here we go Loopy Lou Mixed Fabric Greeting Card Set (4)
7. Hello Penny Love and Chocolate Print
8. Rachelle Rachelle Orange Secret Squirrel Toddler Scarf

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous collection! Thanks for including my bag!


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