Friday, August 5, 2011

Review @ Monkeys Over The Moon

Monkeys Over The MoonI have a beautiful collection of mementos that I have been putting together for each of my children since they were born. Their first pair of shoes, blankets, drawings, hand prints; memories that, for me, are simply priceless. My most recent handmade purchase was of items that are destined to be added to this collection.

We have all seen appliqué and many a business is trying to add their original spin to the art. Some do this well and others do this brilliantly. Georgie, from Monkey’s Over The Moon, falls into the latter category.

My recent purchase was of two personalised pop art tees that had my children’s faces as the main feature in true Andy Warhol Style. And in addition I could not go past an adapted version of what has become a bit of a Monkey’s Over the Moon signature tee… the ‘Red Back on The Toilet Seat’. The children love their new wardrobe additions and even my husband gave them the nod… which is very rare indeed!

This is where I must point out that the photographs of these items, although gorgeous, do not do the workmanship justice. Seeing her work in person is the only way to get a true understanding of the detail that she goes to in bringing her designs to life. Georgie has a wonderful talent for originality and is passionate about delivering outstanding products and service. She does so with ease and is renowned in this ever growing community for not only her product but also for her likeable personality and willingness to support other handmade businesses wherever possible.

Monkey’s Over The Moon is often featured in online charity auctions. This is testament to the creator’s willingness to give back in a true selfless fashion. The support that Georgie receives in these forums (not to mention the substantial sums raised) gives you an indication of the respect and admiration that she has within the handmade community, her peers and customers alike.

As I said to the designer herself in true ‘dad joke’ fashion, as a new customer to this fantastic business... “I AM OVER THE MOON!”

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Review written by: Angela of Yes, Dear


  1. Wow :) thank you Ang! Cannot wait to see the monkeys in their tops! with lots of <3 The Monkey who read this and jumped over the moon! <3


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